Terms and conditions

Important juridic information

Data protection and Internet

Lusita Crédit respects the provisions of the terms of art. 13 of the federal Constitution and the data law, any person have the right to the respect of its private life and protection against the abusive use of the data which relate to it.

Internet is an open network accessible to all one each one. Lusita Crédit makes anything possible to protect my data and to preserve my private life. This is why all the data are systematically encrypted before being transmitted between my navigator and the Web server of Lusita Crédit.

The data are then sent by e-mail to the advisers for a personalized treatment. It is however to note that the confidentiality cannot be completely guaranteed in the event of transmission of a nonencrypted or insufficiently encrypted e-mail. I take note and gives my agreement by the present one so that a technology “cookie” is sometimes used to provide information to measure. By “cookie”, one hears a file of information stored on my hard disk, which makes that my computer is recognized at the time of the next visits on the site of Lusita Crédit. I note that my navigator can be regulated so that I would be informed of the reception of a “cookie”.
I agree so that Lusita Crédit occasionally sends information on the company, its products and its services at my postal address and my address e-mail. I can constantly to refuse in writing the use of my data customer for marketing. I agree moreover so that my information is also transmitted and processed within Lusita Crédit., even abroad, but that they are not communicated to thirds (except for the agents in the spirit of art. 47 of the law on the banks).

Bank secrecy

By the present one, I state to authorize so that the sending of my e-mail and my request for financing passes by Internet. Because of the nature of Internet, it may be that these data are sent beyond the borders , to servers located abroad, even if the shipper and the recipient are in Switzerland. The transfer of the data being carried out until the reception by Lusita Credit, I give up by the present one at the protection of the Swiss bank secrecy and accepts the possible transfer via the foreigner.

Clause relating to the data protection

I confirm the exactitude of all information provided above.

I authorize Lusita Crédit to ask all information necessary to the examination of the request and the implementation of the contract near the public administrations, the agency of information of credit (ZEK) as well as center of information on the consumer credit (IKO) or to provide them such information. Possible blockings of data which I would have ordered in Lusita Crédit are cancelled. I authorize Lusita Crédits to use my data for analyses of marketing in Switzerland and abroad. I can constantly revoke this authorization by letter.

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